Hello everyone.

I’m using Dynamo for Civil3D. I would like to make a script to union solids that are extracted from corridor. For this matter I have made a lists of solids that belong to a specific layer and I need that the solids will be unionised by the layer. I’m trying to use Solid.ByUnion codeblock for this, but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. Please see the attached image below:

What am I doing wrong here?

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You’re feeding the wrong Data type. You have an AutoCAD solid object, but that node requires a solid Dynamo geometry.

Put an Object.Geometry node in between the ByUnion and the ObjectsOnLayer node.

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Thank you Jacob, it worked well. Now when I have Dynamo geometry solids, what kind of node do I need to get them back to civil solids?

Thank you in advance!

Object.ByGeometry I believe.

Thank you, it works the way I need it to!

Glad to hear. Please mark or post a solution so others can learn in your footsteps.