Dynamo Union Solids

Hi all, I have a list of solid and I want to union them one by one, is there any simply way to achieve it using dynamo?

The node solid.byunion often occurs warning and return “unll” as a result, therefore, I want to do it separately.

The only method I can think of is shown is the diagram but it is not quite possible when there are large number of solids i have to union. Is there any “for loop” in dynamo whcih I can achieve the same?

Thank you very much.

Hi @Will

Use Solid.ByUnion

Hi Kulkul,

I have tried solid.byunion before. However, in some cases, warning occurs and the output is “Null” (See Diagram). I want to avoid this from happening. That’s why I intend to union them one by one.

Is there any ways to do it?

Could you drop relevant files here? If you unable to drop then drop it in one of the dropbox services and share the link here.