Smoothed curve through points

I am trying to generate a smoothed curve through a number of points.

(incidentally- this is to create a model element to approximate the camera path from Enscape- if you haven’t used Enscape- it is pretty awesome)

The problem I am having is that the curve is not smooth. I’ve tried a few things, including moving the points closer to the origin as described here.

It doesn’t need to be ultra-accurate- just something that looks better.

I’ve attached the graph & data file- Revit needs to be in metres
Flythrough path v2.dyn (36.7 KB)
flythrough path.xlsx (21.9 KB)



An interesting problem, I had a crack and tried a few options, degree settings, combinations or Arc’s,etc but ran out of time.

Here is a Spline DWG smoothed using your control points, just in case it helps.

Smooth Spline.dwg (523.6 KB)

I will ponder this one overnight :thinking:

thanks Ewan

yep, that DWG spline is what I’m after (without closing the start & end points)

Looks like you’re running into a limit on the degree of tessellation allowed in the two viewers - the geometry is correct though (Curve.PointAtParameter will show this).

Quick fix for the display: Use a Curve.SplitAtParameter to chop your nurbs curve into segments. I get good results at 10, but more separations means better results for the display.

Flythrough path v2_JWSedit.dyn (63.0 KB)


great, thanks Jacob


that image… :heart_eyes:

Really nice work!