Sloped floor by points, missing elevation at some points

Hi all, I’m trying to get a sloped floor from a point list in Excel (using SlabShape.AddPoints from Dina-Shapes package).

This is my method of statement, first of all I get the floof in a planar surface, after I use the SlabShape.Addpoints to give the elevation to each point (z comes from the xyz given list of floor points given by de land surveyor).

When I get the sloped floor, some points remains at the given level (floor is not exactly at the same level given to the creation floor node.

Any suggestion to solve the problem? Thank you in advance.

Hi @StructuralSilver55

Could you switch on the previews for Point.ByCoordinates & SlabShape.AddPoints nodes.

Hi @Kulkul, thank you for your response.

As you can see there is only only one point where the slab doesn’t connect in the right way. ¿Could this be a bug of the node?

You can find the points and dyn file in the attached files.

puntos.xlsx (15.8 KB) SuelosPorPuntos_Rev.dyn (29.8 KB)

Thank you in advance!

Any idea about how to solve this problem??