Slanted rectangular columns on a circular array

Hi guys, I’d need help for a school project (I’m a total noob and the task is probably too advanced for me).

I’m trying to create a structure with slanted columns (the lines in the picture) extruding a solid starting from the points at the bottom and reaching those at the top. those columns should then increase or decrease in number according to a slider on a circular path (the circular paths both at the bottom and the top have to be with variable diameters and heights).

  1. how do I close the path? if you look at the picture one point is missing in the curve.pointsatequalsegmentlenght.

  2. how do I make a rectangle with variable dimensions positioned in the center points like the circles in the picture? I managed to do that but idk how to do it with rectangles.

  3. which component should I then use to extrude the shape of the columns?

Thanks in advance

Perhaps you will benefit looking for Adaptive components. YouTube has bunch tutorials that will get you started. A two point based adaptive components could serve you well in this exercise.


Here is an example of what you could do with just geometry in Dynamo. You will still need to port this into Revit as Mass or Direct Shape object.
The coordinate system rotation is still funky and couldn’t spend more time to fix.I am sure this will give you some direction.

Attached is the Dynamo file.

CirclesColumns.dyn (74.4 KB)

Have fun learning Dynamo!

Thank you so much! I was really lost :slight_smile: