Why did my column rotated

Hi there, I am write a automation of generating oblique columns from data in the Revit.Element
so, I builded the oblique columns by using StructuralFraming.ColumnByCurve
However, the outcome is like the picture showing that my columns rotation are not consistent at some degree.

So far, I guess that is because the curve I using for create columns are oblique
How I can solve this problems???

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welcome to the forums. Could you please post your DYN or screen captures of the nodes? Which version of Dynamo are you using? Are there any error messages?

There is no error message actually, but the result is not what I expected.
I expect that the column will be like follow the same direction, just like upper part and lower part of column like first picture

Here is my script,which the last part that using “StructuralFraming,columnByCurve”

I think it would be better if you provide your DYN file. it’s easier to look at it than create your graph from scratch or a similar sample.

That is revit’s default column behavior slanted columns always assume the column’s Y orientation is perpendicular to the slant.

If you want to rotate to a certain direction you’ll have to set the rotation angle parameter. The angle should be the difference between your desired angle and the cross product of the location line and the Z axis.

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Hi, Jpeele and Edson

Thank you so much

I eventually found out that the Revit’s default of slanted column is the key point, so after I generate the slanted columns ,I adjusted the angle of section column to solve the problem by using dynamo.

why my columns rotated, the reason is that the rotated part of columns are vertical, that’s different between other slanted column, so my that part of column be rotated, in other words, they are not rotated because they are vertical, the actually rotated part are other’s slanted columns

The default of rotation of slanted columns in Revit always follow the vector of two original points. To elaborate, the vectors will be defined by start point and end point of the two original points, when automatically generating slanted columns.

I understand the reason but still do not know to to solve the problem.
Can you show me how to set angle between cross-section and Y axis consistent so columns do not look rotated when looking top down?