Slab Mesh for Strut & Tie


I am trying to take the geometry from a floor slab, create a mesh of around 0.5m and create different framing elements for the vertical, horizontal and diagonal members.

With some help, I’m now able to create the framing members using Mesh.Plane but when i try to use the face of the model element I can’t reduce the mesh size.

I have 2 questions;

  • Is it possible to specify the mesh size using Mesh.ByGeometry?
  • Is this method the best way to create a mesh of a slab and insert framing elements? My slab is 50m x20m

Thanks for any help!

2019 01 29 Mesh lines from select model object.dyn (69.4 KB)

if you use element.geometry you will get a solid
solid explode will give more to go on

Hi Marcel,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve realiised I didn’t upload the right dynamo file before to show where I’ve got to.

Using the element.geometry and solid explode, gives me a surface which is the same as i get using Element.Faces. What I would like to do is be able to specify the size of the mesh so I can put framing in at about 0.5m spacing.

Thanks for your help,


Something like this?