Element.Geometry Scale (Increase geometry by amount in inches)

Hey everyone, I was wondering if there was a way to scale geometry in a way so it increases on 3 sides by a set amount.

I want to create beam insulation for coordination models, however all the revit beam families we get from the design teams have different parameters but the same revit category (structural framing). So i want to be able to grab the geometry and scale it by a set amount. my thing is i dont know if this is possible. Please let me know if you know what i could try.

I also thought about trying to make the geometry from a bounding box and then just shifting the geometry 2" in every direction. Is there a way to make geometry from a bounding box?

Offset the green curve by X inches and then area red/area green = scale factor

Well right now im creating a cuboid around the bounding box and then offseting in all directions. Is there a way to join all the geometry made?

I would use a thin shell to project out on all faces. Then trim the top off by getting a plane at the highest coordinate system on the original faces and splitting the shape there.


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