Bounding Box of a slab edge much bigger than the element

So I have a slab and a slab edge with the same height, but when I look up the z coordinate of the slab edges bounding box it is much higher. Does anyone know why?

And the Cuboid created from the slab edges Bounding Box is huge!

Could you share the Revit File with the floor + Edge?

You can try to extract the solid Geometry from the slab edge and then create a boundingbox?

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Here is the Revit file.

How do I get a boundingbox out of a solid?

You were right! So with the BoundingBox.ByGeometry Node I get the proper bounding box.

But could you maybe explain why I get the wrong results with my original method?

I’ll take a look for you :wink:

I have no idea…

hahahhah, yeah I find it weird too.

But thanks anyways