Slab bottom elevation to last point of elbow

I am trying to calculate the distance between the bottom slab and the last point of elbow I am wondering if someone has an idea

for example at the picture, it calculates from slab “Elevation at Bottom”; to the last point of the pipe, but I wanted to the last point of the elbow

thank you :slight_smile:

One possible way:

Get the radius of the element, square it and multiply it by pi, find the surfaces of the geometry, explode into surfaces and get the area of the faces, filter out areas which don’t match the size of calculated above and then get the point at parameter 0.5,0.5 for the included faces. Get the distance from these points to your slab and pull the longer of the two.

hi Jacob, thank for replying,
what do you mean with radius element? also i am not sure if i explain correct my issue:

again i want measure from the bottom slab to the last point of the elbow

Your pipe has a radius parameter which can be used to calculate the area of the section.

you mean the ELBOW radius :slight_smile: ?

Kinda - not sure of terminology here as the elbow is a bent pipe and that radius might be the angle of the bend. It’s an elbow for a 3” pipe would refer to a setup with a 1.5” radius though. :slight_smile: