Calculate distance between link element and local element

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I am hoping to get some advice on this graph

What I am Trying to do:
I have MEP file Linked with the Structure model I wanted to filer all the pipes based on system abbreviation, and after that to check id the pipe less than 300m make a comment in one of the parameters, all good til now.
the issue that I need to calculate the same pipe type from link file (structure slab) it should be minimum 150mm to the elbow in case was less it should add the add comment pipe less than same concept above.
I hope I can get some ideas

Lodrette rør tilslutning til vandrette rør v1.1.dyn (46.0 KB)

Hi @abdu2736

Could you share rvt files here? If you’re unable to drop here rvt files use one dropbox, google drive or similar file sharing and provide us shareable link.

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here’s the link

Try this dyn file For Abed.dyn (65.2 KB)

Here is the result:

thank you so much, what package are you using hare:

i also found way to make it i can share it with you:

Lodrette rør tilslutning til vandrette rør v1.1.dyn (78.5 KB)

All good now! thank you so much, hope the other will find it useful also :slight_smile:

Please mark the post as solved. You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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