Site Feasibilities

Hi All,

I’m relatively new to Dynamo but have used Grasshopper for a long time.

Whilst producing a feasibility study to see how many houses we could fit on a proposed site it occurred to me that there must be a way of automating it using Dynamo.


I’d like to be able to input a site boundary and a curve to represent the centreline of the main access road, then dynamo would offset curves to make road, then subdivide the remaining areas into houses with the required spur roads to allow access.

Does this sound like a plausible project and has anyone seen anything like it already done?

Thanks for your time and suggestions.


It seems difficult at first sight since you would probably face geometric issues such as this one:

I would go for something like this:
Maybe have a look at the Space Planning package.

The task would be to express design intent using code.
Possible. Would require quite a bit of work though.

I think, utilizing Design Script/Dynamo for such tasks would help expose it’s immense potential as a design (/) automation tool.


I found this a while back, does it seem like something that could get you started?

This AU class could optionally be worth a look: