Distributing pipes on surface

Hi everyone,

i’m new in Dynamo but i can intuit its potential.

i work in shoes bussines, and i’m trying to create something very common. this is a typical striped fence


i’d like to distribute some vertical lines in a surface, maybe distributing points in both curves that generate that surface, and maybe could i connect this points, two by two to create a line and afterwards a pipe in every line

i tried to recreate this but with primitives and pattern , and in some parts the objet “sinks” in the surface

could anyone help me a little?

thanks in advance!



Is there a particular reason you’re using Dynamo? You might be better off using Grasshopper as Rhino lends itself (much much much) better to product design.

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This is certainly doable.

  • Select the surface.
  • Get the perimeter curves (should be only two lines at the top and bottom of the surface).
  • Get the longer of the two.
  • Get points along its length at the desired distance.
  • Get the point on the shorter of the two curves that is closest to each point on the longer curve.
  • Draw an isocurve by those points on the original surface.
  • Make whatever shape you want off of the resulting line.

Give it a shot and see where you get. :slight_smile:

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