Simplifying Code

Hello Everyone!

I love the clean and efficient solutions. I created a Dynamo script which works as expected, but I have a slight feeling, the code could be simplified.
Does anyone has a cleaner solution for this?

I can at least tell you that you can probably remove the “==true” 's from the vode block. “IN1?” or “test2=IN2?” will probably do the job.


Yes, you are right!
What I’m actually looking for is to find a way to use lists instead of 5 “String.Contains” and 5 tests.

You probably can use a singular list but considering you’re running 5 different tests that are supposed to have 5 different outcomes I doubt that will be more efficient.

Try cross product lacing on the string contains, then use a list transpose, and then get appropriate indices for your tests (ie:in[0], in[1]…).


Thank you @jacob.small, this got me to the right direction, but I got stuck again. :frowning: :smiley:

How can I get those “true”-s out from the sublists, so I can apply the test?
Other question:
When I have my sublists with “true”-s and “false”-es, is there a way to get the indicies of “true”-s for each elements? (there is only one or zero true in each list)

List.IndexOf solves the second question.

Test them all using index notation.


Post your full graph and explain the end goal as this is starting to feel like you’re going about this in th longest way possible.

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:smiley: I’m just familiarizing myself with the opportunities. The end goal was those numbers. I just inserted them into a longer string.
Thank you for your help!
In my original script, I didn’t like to repeat “String.Contains”, and then test it 5 times. You got me to the right direction. My solution is below.![Solution|690x219]