Simplify Algorithm | Excel to Revit Instance Parameters Loop


I would be most grateful if you could assist with the following:
I am trying to write an algorithm (don’t know the correct jargon?), to take parameter values from an Excel sheet and import it to Revit.

There are 10 instances of the family, each with approximately 45 instance parameters. I’ve opted to have one type of family with instance parameters, as opposed to having 10 types of the same family, with type parameters, although I don’t know which would be better?

The main issue is linking each Excel cell to its relevant Revit family instance parameter leaving me with 400 cells to assign, as opposed to running a type of “for loop” which would divide that number by 10.

Please view the images attached and let me know if you have any recommendations, simplifications or advice you could share. (The values for the different instances (defined by columns) are mostly identical here, but would by different in real scenarios).

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cant see a thing

can you send the .dyn?

Hi Yien,

Sure! Let me know if you need the Revit file too

RevitExcel 0.2.dyn (239.9 KB)

didnt look exactly into your dyn file, but i think you could merge the parameters into lists and assign several parameters to one element, below an example of this lmk if it solves your problem :wink:


That simplified it a lot. New version attached.

Thanks man,I really appreciate it!

For others who may wish to see - new version attached.
RevitExcel 1.0.dyn (163.0 KB)

Use Node to Code

After (only the right part spagetti)

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