Simple Material Changing Error

I am simply trying to change an element’s material; however, I cannot seem to figure out what ‘parameterName’ to plug into ‘Element.SetParameterByName’.

I am looking at the Revit Material information, but can’t figure what to add.

THanks and sorry for the simplicity of this query.

Hi @brobes05,

For the walls, you will need the FamilyType.SetCompoundLayerMaterial node of Clockwork package.

For other elements, it’s more obvious.
Example with a door :

Thanks for the informative reply.

I am getting an error for the obvious solution, “The parameter’s storage type is not an Element”.

Second, I added a generic model and am not sure what ‘parameter’ to set for this process.

Thanks again.

You don’t provide enough information to receive accurate help.
Show the whole graph, specify which category of element it is (generic model ?), and add your family as an attachment.

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My apologies. Thought it was unnecessary due to the rudimentary nature of the query. Thanks for clarifying.

  1. I wish to change the material of a builtin element such as a door. The graph is posted above
  2. I wish to add multiple materials to a group of ‘Generic Models’
    I am getting parameter errors with both graphs.


Can you post your families ?
Your material parameters can be Instance or Type parameter…

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Sure, I have attached the Generic family. GENERIC MODEL TEST.rfa (260 KB)

Your family doesn’t have a material parameter.
It will never work.


Alright, I added that. Sorry.

I see what the parameter would be now; however, do I have to create a .rfa family everytime I want to change the material of a ‘model in place’?

Still getting an error when using the ‘material’ parameter. Also with the door example. thanks.

You must differentiate between the Type and Instance parameters.
Use the Element.ElementType node to modify the value of the type parameter.

Awesome thanks for the help.