Simple list to point by co-ordinate to create curved beam

Hi there, I’m a new to dynamo and would appreciate any comments you may have. I’m basically trying to create points from a list. I’ve managed to do it before with a different file, but for some reason it’s not liking the co-ordinates from the list which I’ve acquired from a data extraction from CAD to Excel. I’ve attached the error file. Hopefully once I’ve managed to sort out the above I’d like to create a curve stringer by using a beam from revit structure, what’s the best way to create this? I can you see you can add a beam to a level. But how do I go about putting a beam on curve by points without a level?

Like I said I’m new to this and I would appreciate any comments you may have.

Thanks in advance


points by co-ordinate

The numbers in your list are strings.

Use String.ToNumber before connecting them to Point.ByCoordinates


Vikram, That’s worked a treat ,the first two list must have been strings but the last one is number and has worked. Any idea how is could create a curve through these points put and place a structural beam along the curve? Thanks in advance

Cheers for this Vikram,

By using your codeblock and nodes as shown above the structual framing object is added to Revit as expected. However, when I add mine from a list it doesn’t appear to like it.

One would assume it’s because the Z values change between points and not on the same plane or level.

Please see below. The points in blue are points I would the structural beam to follow. If this isn’t possible with a beam can I use a sweep of some description.

Thank you for your help.