Show Node Preview Bubbles Dynamo 2.12


since we upgraded to Revit 2022.1 and Dynamo I cant seem to find the “Show Preview Bubbles” setting. It used to be in the regular Settings Dropdown.
Is it me or did they get rid of it?

Thank you

Hi @se.ha

It will be added in next release:


Thanks for the info.

Hello @se.ha - So sorry we missed this in our transfer into the Preferences Panel. As @Kulkul said, it will make it back into future releases. We simply missed adding in the option to change this inside the UI, but it is still possible if you want to edit your Dynamo Settings file manually. Steps as follows:

  1. please open up your File Explorer and type into the Quick Access bar the following: %appdata%

  1. This will open up your Roaming appdata profile (i.e. what you as a logged in user to Windows will see. There will be a bunch of things in here, just navigate to the Dynamo 2.12 folder by going to:

    DynamoDynamo Core2.12

  1. This will bring you to the base location for your Dynamo 2.12 install where you can see things like Packages and the like. This is also where you can see the DynamoSettings.xml file, which is where Dynamo will save to, and read from the settings you choose in the user interface.

  2. If you right-click on this and choose Open withNotepad then you will see a bunch of text in a funky format, surrounded by lots of brackets and things.

  3. If you use Ctrl + F to find in the settings the Preview setting, you’ll see a setting that says: <ShowPreviewBubbles>true</ShowPreviewBubbles> (Which may be false in your case).

  1. If you want to turn them on, make sure that the value is true, and if you want to turn them off, make sure the value is false. Please note this has to be lowercase to work :slight_smile:

  2. Then when you restart Dynamo, this setting will appear as you have written! It’s a bit of a hacky workaround until you upgrade versions, but will get you there.

Hope that helps!


Hi @solamour,
no need to be sorry. Thanks for the quick response and the workaround.

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