Preview bubble on by default

Hi, quick question. Is there a way to set a node’s preview bubble on by default? So I don’t have to keep hovering/pinning the preview? Either within dynamo, with a package, or by modifying files?

I believe you could modify the dyn with a text editor to do this, which would require you first close the file in Dynamo so likely not a great way to progress.

To do this inside of Dynamo would likely require a view extension.

The answer is “no, there is no way of doing that yet. please post a feature request here: or alternatively it could have been added via a View Extension if you are familiar with that process and have appropriate coding skills.”


Okay. I will make a feature request and check out view extensions. I thought maybe there was a function somewhere I could add true/false. I can’t be the only one to ever ask about this :laughing:

You are not, but previously people asked for ability to kill all preview bubbles because they cause Dynamo to be MUCH slower. That’s why there is an option in Dynamo to disable preview bubbles. There isn’t one to always show them.

To be frank, I doubt that development team will take your request seriously. What you are asking for would add a massive overhead to computation time and potentially make Dynamo slow down to a crawl. It’s already really clunky and often unresponsive so I don’t think that they will give you a way to make it even more so. Just my opinion.


Okay, fair enough. i didnt know it was a resource hog, and i guess i havent created large enough graphs to notice severe slowdown. I will say this though; At the moment i would prefer seeing the whole list previewed automatically when i place nodes and then turn it off manually as I progress. Maybe its how my brain works lol or maybe once i get more familiar I will work in the way you described without preview bubble. I’ll still check into view extensions since it might allow further customization.


Best to use a watch node here from performance standpoint. :slight_smile:

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