Shortestwalk - Lunchbox - Error


I am having trouble with the shortestwalk command. It worked with previous models but now none.

The delaunay sets out a grid, the curves from which set the lengths input, and the line is the intended path for calculation.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

I believe that this is because your curve network isn’t associated with your lengths. Feed the results of the truangulation in as the lines instead of that single line.

What does the error say? It works for me on 1.3.


Thanks guys, for your assistance. This was fixed with using 1.3. Not functioning in 2.0.

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1.3.4 still does not support it :confused:

Is there a replacement, or a solution available?

Used this in 2.0 today without issue.

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Thank you Jacob! Your post made me update the 2.0 to 2.0.3, and indeed, it works now.

You mentioned SpaceAnalysis, I have to read about it, but it seems interesting.

Kudos to you :slight_smile:

Two quick links to read up on then: