Shortest path with dynamo

Hi I’m trying to create a workflow to calculate de shortest path for waste collection on a building, but I’m struggling. The idea is to do something similar to a reverse delivery workflow (ie going from point to point of collection until transport capacity is reached then move to discharge point. Has anyone seen a similar workflow that can be shared or could give me some tips? Thanks in advance!!

You will find some info if you look for egress route like this

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There are some more ideas about shortest paths and some good discussion here.

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this is a deceptively complex math/geometry task.

If you google ‘Travelling salesman problem’ (as mentioned in the post link from Ewan) you will see what I mean.

Not the right answer for a Dynamo forum, but I have done something similar using QGIS (free/opensource)- which has algorithms specifically for working out nearest neighbours or shortest path. It is actually quite easy- just need some CAD lines, as shown in the example below.

You basically simplify using line to lines represent possible paths- and can calculate a distance matrix between points on the network, or a shortest path between points

There are some packages for Dynamo to use this information