Shop Drawings


At our firm we always make shop drawings of steel assembly’s for every project. This cost a lot of time especially placing them on a sheet everytime. An example of our shop drawing:

The amount of assemblys varies from 1-30, depends on the size of the project. I was looking for a solution in dynamo to place always the same set of views (3D, Top Elevation, Back elevation, Section and a schedule) on sheets.

I’ve been looking on the forum about placing views on sheets but most of the time the standard node “views” is being used to get all the views. I’ve tried to get all the views with the standard node “view” but my assembly views doesn’t appear in the list.


Is there a possibility to retrieve the assembly views and put them in a specific location on a sheet (in my case the locations as shown in the example of our shop drawing)?

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some limitation ,but you can create some efficiencies in The work flows.
do u have “Advance Steel”?

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