Sheet X of X sequence

Sorry if this is a simple solution (I’m just not seeing it!)…

I have (almost) created a script that filters through my sheets and (wants) to fill in the ubiquitous “sheet x of x” labels on my titileblock.

I can filter the sheets, count them and even get the latter part (“of x”) of the label filled in, but I can’t get the first part of the label to fill in on the sheets…

Can someone help me see why I’m falling down? I think I’m not seeing how lists are applied to a particular node(?) or I’m not using the right node?..

Are you sure that your “Sheet X of” parameter is a string and not a number / integer? That could mess things up.

Also, it looks like your lists are a little mismatched. The top element.set node has 42 sheets, but the second only has 5. Shouldn’t they both have the same number of sheets?

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Thanks Dennis, your comments led me right to the solution!!! :smiley:

Attached is the finished simple program.

Sheet X of X.dyn (12.2 KB)