Sheet Number Already In Use & Sheet Duplication

I’m trying to create sheets for my revit project but the Sheet Create block keeps giving me the error that the sheet number is already in use. The sheet number derives from the view name which is just how my company does it for now. As you can see in the second picture, it will actually create NEW numbers for the additional sheets it is creating that I don’t want. How can I get Dynamo to stop doing this?

On another note, Dynamo makes 2 sheets for every view. I think I need to lace the list to shortest but I cant really tell until I get my numbering to work. But if you know why please let me know.


Make sure you clear out all your sheets before re-running your script. Your list structure looks correct.

I make sure to clear all my sheets before running the program again. Each time I get 1 MAYBE 2 sheets and it breaks. IF I get 2 sheets its for the same view but a different number.

EDIT: Ok so I get 1 or 2 sheets when I lace for SHORTEST. When I auto lace I get 2 sheets for every view, with increased automatically increased sheet numbers. Yet i still get the “Sheet Number already used” error.

Try This one , find out id of your sheet and base upon index make duplicate .

This seems like I already need sheets created to do this.

What does the error from the node say?

It said the Sheet Number was already in use. I couldn’t fix the issue in this project, so I just split up the view creation and the sheet creation and It works now.

You were creating the views in that same graph? Can you show us the whole graph with a preview of all the node outputs?