Sheet encoding

hello community,
I would like to make a script to encode all my presentations via Dynamo. I’m blocking on graphics properties. I would like to repeat these phases by checking off what I need for each presentation.

I would like to have these choices (see photo below)

in this knot (see photo below) and apply it in the sheets I have selected

I started but I think I’m on the wrong path.

Thanks in advance
TEST_DY.5_Encodage_Cartouche.dyn (69.0 KB)

hi @g.catalanoT5JGZ ,

Try this, you need to search it like a string and compare it after the input.
TEST_DY.5_Encodage_Cartouche.dyn (67.7 KB)

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I would like to include these parameters in the list. With your script I get a list but they are not linked to any of these parameters… How can I do this?

TEST_DY.5_Encodage_Cartouche.dyn (75.9 KB)