Sheet Creation and View Placement

I know this question has been around for a while, and I’ve been directed to some really good resources from Konrad and others; however, I’m primarily looking at sheet automation for callouts, at this point in time. Essentially this script that I’ve written is able to load a sheet based on the number of callout views that I manually input based on the list that I’ve queued in on the first portion. I would like to automate this so that the ViewPlan list is able to filter out just the callout views in the list selected. How could I go about modifying the list so that it strictly shows the callout views that have been drawn? Thank you for your help as always and I look forward to the responses! Here’s the script:




I can’t see the graph in your first post so I’m not quite sure this is what you want. But the below should filter the viewplan list to just callouts. Note that for callouts made in section views you’ll have to change the type to viewsection.

ViewPlan - Callout