Shared Parameter Data Excel Export

Hey Everyone,

I’m working through recreating a dynamo script another user " Alban_de_Chasteigner" posted “Shared Parameter Export

I was able to recreate it just fine but I noticed the node SharedParameters.Info only pulls three properties (type, group, units). I want to edit this node or find a replacement node or make my own which allows me to pull more properties (ie. instance or type)

I found the dyf from the creator of the node “Zhukoven” here as well.

I’m not sure what direction to go to from here. Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Can you post screenshots of what you’ve done? Have you checked out

Hi @Navid_Hoorzad,

You can use instead the Get Shared Parameter node.
Get Shared Parameter

Hi I tried using that node but it created something different then what I was expecting.

This is what I had before, and the excel sheet it created.

Did I do something wrong?

Remove the List.Transpose node to obtain data in columns.

it’s not the columns that’s the issue, it’s the data. You can see in the image above when I used the node I got all the parameters in the project. But when I used the new Get.Shared.Parameter node I got just some of the parameters.
Export Shared Paramter.dyn (17.1 KB)

Indeed the Get Shared Parameter node only uses the shared parameters of the text file loaded in the project.
If you want the shared parameters loaded in the families too you could use the Element Types node.