Shared Parameter Export

Hey All,

I can’t quite work it out…

I woud like to be able to generate most of a shared parameter file from a project.

I can obviously export each one, one by one, which would potentially take a while.

I can also read info from an existing shared parameter file, but this is when you don’t have it.

It would be quite neat to export them all in a Dynamo hit, but I can’t quite seem to get all the required information…

Here’s where I got to… It seems that getting the info in the headings is locked away somewhere?

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:


SharedParameterExport.dyn (11.7 KB)

Hi Mark,

Is this what you’re looking for ?


Thanks Alban,

As long as that is not reading a Shared Parameter File, it’s just what I’m after, unfortunately I’ve just logged off :smile: I’ll have a look in the morning…

Thanks again,


Yes it’s all the shared parameters of the project and I also believe in families.

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