Anyone make a scipt to place Grids, Levels and Scope boxes on the right workset?



We have a Workset for Grids, Levels and Scope Boxes that allows our consultants to hide all our these elements from our model. Users being what they are, forge to place the elements on this Workset.

I was wondering if anyone has made a macro that can select all these elements and place them on this Workset? I would run it before sending our model to the consultants.


Try searching the forums before posting. There are a lot of good threads that can be relevant to your query even if they aren’t doing exactly what you want. Sometimes there are even posts that have already solved your problem.


Thanks Nick. I did a search but did not find anything. Perhaps this one evaded me because of it’s generic tile, thanks for the help!



Tell them that everything besides levels, grids and scopeboxes will get deleted from this workset.
Company policy, no exeptions. Remodel in your spare time, and get it right this time… :slight_smile:



Can’t be a tyrant is everybody in the office is unskilled :slight_smile:



So move it to a workset that is not visible in all views.
Get parameter, set parameter… and set it to that workset.
Workset Name is "all wrong, please correct"
I made 3d views called “to do” and they should be empty
We have a set of rules to comply to, if not, its visible in these views.

We have a number of modellers in different skill levels.
One of my tasks is to get the levels up for all. I use a mixture of payed work, play, and teaching all at the same time to get them there. This is fun for me too.
Since there are more ways of doing things i tell them to be creative and not use method “A” and think of other ways to get the same result.



This seems like a good solution for “unknown” elements on the wrong workset, or for elements on the Levels and Grids workset that shouldn’t be. But I think Sam is looking for a solution for when levels, grids, and scope boxes get put on “working” worksets instead of coordination worksets.

In his case it would be pretty easy to just take all elements of certain categories and force them to the specific workset they’re supposed to go on.



i set an active workset to achieve this, but are there other ways for a “not so skilled modeler” i do not know of?



I’m looking to press a button and make sure everything is fine, not to get employees to hate me. That would be counterproductive. BIM Managers need people skills AND BIM/Dynamo skills.

We can’t be effective by just bullying people, especially if they are all on a low skill level.


Maybe not automatically. It’s just one of those things that happens and is always going to happen. We don’t even use worksets at my firm (besides the one you have to have). But forcing the known elements to their correct workset is a least a small piece than can help clean up the general mess that is worksets.



Problem is, if you do it for them, they won’t




You’re not going to get a one-click solution for managing and organizing worksets. It’s just not possible. The best thing you can do is educate your modelers. However, I do think that something like a Coordination workset (grids, levels, scope boxes in your case) can be beneficial and easily maintained with a Dynamo script since ALL elements of those categories will ALWAYS go on the same workset.



I always wanted a dynamo player button that says “solve my problems and finish my project” :slight_smile:



Haha. If only. :grin:


I’m asking for a BIM script, not a scolding of my users and consultants.



im not here to insult you, but if you could show us what you have in a script or an idea, then we are more then happy to help.
btw. get parameter, set parameter didn’t give you an idea to make this work?
For all model categories goes, the workset is just a parameter wich can be set with SetParameterByName and can be obtained by GetParameterValueByName.

So…make a 3d view, no template so you are sure you see all, exclude all worksets but shared levels,grids and scopeboxes…select all elements…exclude scopeboxes and openings and so on until the parameter workset in the properties switches from greyed out to black and set a new workset. No Dynamo needed. TADA!
(making a dynamo script will take longer)


No, I have no script or idea. I know that it would take several days for me to make it work or to take an old image and try to make it work. I don’t have time for this. If someone is willing to share their codes, it would be much appreciated.



Unless I’m wildly misunderstanding your problem, the post I mentioned has a solution for this. It would take maybe 5 minutes to copy the graph.

In general, this forum is not a place for people to ask for pre-made solutions without putting in any work.


Yep, that’s what I’ll be doing. Just wanted to specify that bullying employees was a worse solution than providing them with a one button solution.


Mmm, it does not want to let me capture reference planes. It says:

“Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed.
The parameter is read-only.”

Any idea why or how to fix it? I searched the forum and found nothing.