C# CSharp in Dynamo

Hello guys,

I am trying to link a C# Script into my Dynamo Script.

Now I tried the example based on this post:

But for me it didnt work. What am I doing wrong? is it possible that this one is a too old node? (this post was in 2016). Are there any new experiences with C# within Dynamo?
Any help would be appreciated.
thanks a lot!

I exactly did what they did in this post. But the node everytime just gives error messages.

FYI @Dimitar_Venkov

I’ve started to use Zero Touch node. Also Python is more friendly to use with Dynamo.

Best of luck :slight_smile: DB.

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I was under the impression c# could only be used through the REVIT API. I have an interest in using c# in dynamo too.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Sorry for the late reply. There’s a few gotchas but the node still works fine in 2.0. You’ll first have to make sure that you’re feeding in an empty list for the “CustomAssemblies” input, becase the old default is now invalid. Secondly, if you’re passing any integers, you’ll have to make sure you cast them to Int64, because that’s now the default in Dynamo:


Thank you Ill try :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing !

So is it possible to get @Danny_Bentley’s code running in @Dimitar_Venkov’s node? :slight_smile:

I don’t have the skills!

CSharpInDynamo.dyn (21.7 KB)

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