Setting Surface patterns colors through Excel

Hi all,

I’m working on an existing script to create materials from scratch from an Excel file. We do some consultancy work from time to time so we have the clients create a list of all materials and their properties. Then we use the script to generate all the materials.

I’m trying to have an RGB code in Excel to set the correct pattern colors for the materials. In the script i’m adapting a node was used ‘converColorsWithNodes’. I can’t seem to find anything about this node though.

Can anyone guide me to what package this node is from or alternatives to get this done?


This is the formatting for the RGB values i’m using atm. “192 192 192” It wouldn’t be a problem for me if this needed to be changed. (Also read something about Revit using aRGB instead of just RGB. Is this a necessity? Most clients are familiar with RGB, aRGB is a bit less known)

I just now noticed this notification:


So i assume this is something the original user created custom. So i guess i’m looking for alternative ways to do this :slight_smile:

try to use python code inside the Custom node…

I’dd love to use python but unfortunalty i’m not (yet) familiar with it.

I managed to work around my issue though, so for anyone wondering in the future:

EDIT: the yellow square is the part that replaces the custom node in the original post

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I am trying to accomplish something similar. Where did the graphics.setsurfcaebackgroundpatterncolor node come from? is that from a custom package?