Colour from excel cell to solid surfaces and parameter color in revit

Hello everyone,
it is possible to laber the surface of a solid from excel file?
And another question is, is it possible to create parameters directly from excel, pass through dynamo and have it to revit?
Maybe somenone can suggest me some topic here, please? or already have a solution.
Many many thanks

Images of the result that you are looking for would help. Any examples or links to relevant work that you have found would also help. Please be considerate of other people’s time and ask clear and concise questions.

Working on this same situation too. I’ll post if I find anything. My theory was that I have my excel cell changing color based on the text in the cell, so I’d tie Dynamo to the text not the cell color if that works for you?

Hello! I didn’t try actually, but i think that what it was in my mind was really similar to this!!
So maybe it is different from what you @rcameron were looking for.

My idea was to have the rgb list directly from the excel file as IN[1] instead of using dynamo node color. But i still have to try!

Turns out this was easier than I thought. While technically Kyle was able to do it for his space planning post 2+ years ago, it only read the column’s cell based on the word, so there is still some manual work to it. Its a similar (if not same) approach I took on this.
If you create a list of the items you want colorized.
Create a color dictionary.
Assign those items to keys/values and then to the color dictionary.
Assign your colors to the sequence.
Wire the elements node to your list.

Now as you change the color/name in your excel file cell, hit save and it should update.

Let me know if this helps. No API or Python required.

use for rasted Element Unique ID

HI @rcameron
I am trying to colour Revit items using their element Id. Do on my excel sheet if I have red colour corresponding to an element id I need that colour to be applied to that element on revit.Could you please help me with that ?.

Hi abhinesh2,
This script will only color the retrieved Dynamo elements from the Revit model. I don’t believe anything in Revit will be colorized. That being said, does you element id have the correct name? A screenshot would be helpful where your error is occurring.