Setting Parameters per Electrical Circuit per Panel

In Revit, I’ve created three shared parameters “Cable ID, Cable Type, and Cable Color.” These parameters are shared to a loadable Data Device Outlet family and its nested Data Jack family. The same parameters are also shared to the Electrical Circuits category of the project. Each Data Device Outlet in the project can be configured to provide 1 to 12 Connectors (Data Jacks) for circuiting to a Patch Panel of a Rack.

Simply put, the end-user wants to input the values for these three parameters at the instance of the Data Device and have the values propagated to the values for the same parameters of each Electrical Circuit.

I’ve created a graph that allows this automation on a Panel-by-Panel basis. This means, that the end-user must enter the name of the Patch Panel in order to avoid circuits on other panels getting populated with incorrect values.

Is there a way that Dynamo can accomplish this automation without the need to enter the Panel’s name? Can Dynamo do this for all the Panels, their circuits, and associated Devices as a whole?

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