Linking Electrical Circuits parameter to a Data Device Parameter

I have created a new shared parameter for my Data families called Cable Quantity. I then created a new shared parameter for my Electrical Circuits (Data System) called Data Drops. Currently because the two parameters are in separate categories, I can’t have them reference each other in a Revit Schedule.

What I want to do is connect the Cable Quantity parameter value to it’s data circuits Data Drops parameter value so that I can define this value in the device’s instance parameter (Cable Quantity) and have this value automatically show in my Electrical Circuits Schedule under Data Drops.

I am new to Dynamo and I am wondering if I can use it to link these to parameter values.

Hi Alex,

Your likely to get response if you can drop some screenshots or files of your work. Thanks :slight_smile:


You could use Dynamo to set up a sort of pseudo version of that by extracting values from one category, modifying them and writing them to another category. That will have to be executed every time you want your values to update.

If you want a full automation where one parameter in one family is aware of some other parameter in another family you would need to implement a monitoring event. It’s a little more involved and would require some coding chops.


Here’s a good starting point.

. . . So I went on ahead and did this next bit: Here’s the script I built (very fast, so if it doesn’t work I apologize) that should transfer the parameters over. Note that the Custom Python node from T_Pover can be found in the link above, and the final node (SetParameterByNameTypeOrInstance) is from the Rhythm package.

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