Setting Below Value of Dimension Segement


I’m a relatively new user of dynamo and we have been making use of some of the fantastic packages made by other users.

Im trying to make a script that is able to change the String in the SetBelow value of a specific segment of a dimension chain.

We have been sucessful in writing information to this field if the dimension is a single but have found that trying to set the field of a dimension segment is not obviously possible.

It seems that you can in the revit browser manually select and edit the value of any segment you choose but I dont know how to break the Dimensions.Segemnts output ( segmentArray) into individual dimensions that I can then edit the value of?

Attached is a screenshot of the section I have been working on. Essentially checking if the dimension of any given segment is equal to any in the list created from the code block (0…45000…112.5) The output gives us a matching value but trying to assosiate that number with a particular dimension segement and change that value individually seems to be out of my reach…

If anyone know that this is simply not possible without writing Python code/C# that would be helpful or if there is a node that I am not aware of that helps in this particular situation.


can you please check with this method.

Hi, thanks for the response.

Your above method makes the node work. But it adds the same value to all the below values on the entire dimension chain.

I’m trying to control each below value by segment respectively.

can you share this sample files like both .rvt and .dyn file,
its will be easy for me to figure out the actual problem.

Hi @Epyns1 , the node “Dimension.setvaluebelow” expects a dimension and not a dimension segment which is the reason why it doesn’t work.
I didn’t find a node that could readily do what you want, but it could be achieved with a simple Python node:

Bottom Value

I actually managed to progress slightly using the information from rythem creator here!

I appreciate the offer greatly but won’t take you time by uploading now as my problem is ever-changing :rofl:

Thanks you for this script. Ill try enter it now and see if I can fix the old issue