Setting a Design Option of Schedule View


I would like to change design option of a schedule view. So far I have tried Clockworks “SetDesignOption” but it seems not to work for Schedule Views.


That node is likely for assigning a design option to a model element, not setting the view filtering. You would have to get/set the design option from the V/G Overrides of the view. There may be a custom node to do this or you might have to use the API via python. You could also create a view template with the appropriate design options set, and then use Dynamo to apply or set the template to each schedule as necessary.

Hello, Thank you for responding.

I wasn’t precise - the nodes name is actually ‘View.SetDesignOption’. And it does exactly what I expected - lets you alter the design option of a View - as through changing it in Visibility/Graphics on Revit UI level.

My problem is that the node would work for, for example, floor plans, sections etc. but won’t for Schedule Views. And (unfortunately) I need to alter Schedules’ Design Options.

Any help would be appreciated

Ah. Can you post a screenshot of your graph (with node preview bubbles pinned) and any errors you’re getting? Can you edit the custom node to see what it’s doing?

It looks like that:

The ‘V1 - Garage - areas’ is a Schedule. Currently its Design Option is set to ‘V1’. The script below tries to change this value to ‘V2’.

Although the output of ‘success’ is true, the override/graphics design option (and so, the schedule itselt) does not change. It works if you selected another type of view - like Floor Plan for example.

EDIT: Missed a question there - yes, the node is editable - added a screenshot below. I am not very advanced with python and especially revit API, but it seems to alter the VIEWER_OPTION_VISIBILITY built-in parameter in each view. For some reason does not work for schedules.

That is weird. I confirmed the same thing. The code is executing properly and seemingly “successful” at changing the option, but as you said, it doesn’t actually change within the model. Dynamo also ends up crashing after I try to make these changes and then save the graph.

I’m not even sure it’s a Dynamo issue at this point.
@solamour have you heard of anything like this?

@Nick_Boyts not heard of this behavior, no. At face value, doesn’t sound like a Dynamo issue but rather a limitation of the API in Revit.

It is weird that it crashes Dynamo though - that is something we can look into resolving. I can also submit a problem report for the DynamoRevit team to look into :smiley:

FYI @gina.liu

Dynamo does not crash for me

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hi @wojciech.r This is Gina from Revit team. Thank you for reporting! Could you provide a sample rvt together with the Dynamo script for us to reproduce this issue?

I attached these for you.
RVT file has 2 masses, each on different design option and 2 views - 3d and schedule.
3Ds’ design option can be altered by script, schedule can not.
Design_options_problem.dyn (12.9 KB)
Design_options_problem.rvt (4.6 MB)