How to change view for different Design Options in Dynamo?

I am working on Revit and want to make a program to change the design options. Here is my current code

I can’t seem to get the Design Options to change in this view. The current primary design option is with full windows but when I manually run this program, it does not change the view to that with the design option half windows. Am I doing something wrong? Any advice to get this to work is extremely helpful. Thank you

It would be helpful if you showed all the node outputs as well.
Do the views have a template applied? Are there any conditions where this graph changes the design option? I would think you’d have to specify the design set to change, not just a design option with no context.

Ok, thank you for the help. I used the current view which is {3D} (I may just need to make code to change it for the current view later), then used SetDesignOptions by Clockwork.

here is the script

This currently fulfils the needs I had but your comment helped me to think more deeply about what I exactly needed anyway