Set "Use Render Appearance" with Python

Hey guys,

looking for a convenient way to tick the “Use Render Appearance” with a custom python-node for ALL materials in my model.

I would first collect all materials with the available nodes and then use a custom python for this.
“UseRenderAppearanceForShading” seems the way to go here but i just can’t figure out how to put this in executable code.

Someone uses this when creating a new mat… Set Render Color from Material

Thanks for any help.

Please try something and come back with specific issues. A s you will read in the forum guidelines, this is not a “Do My Job For Me” group! :slight_smile:
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You’re right. I’m sorry and will try. I just thought that someone might already faced this issue.
Also i want to do stuff like this eventually so thanks for not helping :sweat_smile:

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I can’t blame you, it happens often that people feels like answering or showing what they have already done anyway. But most of the people agree that it’s not good practice…

If you’re not in Revit 2018 this isn’t possible as the API wasn’t exposed until then.