Set Render Color node not working right for me

Node is processing but results are not what I think they should be.
Works on some materials
But most get the same color from one of the materials.
That color belongs to this material.
When i try to pass this list to the node it get null results.

Hi Stephen,

Why are you using the @ L1 list level ?
It shouldn’t be necessary.

It works on my side and the only explanation I have for the moment is that we have differents versions of packages installed.

To better understand the problem, can you select the custom node, edit it and paste the python node instead of the Set Render Appareance node ? After the run, the python node should turn yellow with an error message.
Can you show the message ?

Here it is with no levels.
Here it is with lacing shortest. (it does some of the materials correctly but others get a color from another material. Not from their own graphics tab)

Here is the python node error:

The Glass material isn’t a GenericSchema and the Set Render Appearance Color node was previously intended to work only with GenericSchema assets.
This explains the error.

You must filter the GenericSchema assets only as I show in post 2.

OK, that works for normal Revit materials with normal Revit assets.
It does not work on assets created via Dynamo for me.
This is a material that had its asset replaced with one created to match the material name.

It creates a null output when all my materials with new created assets.