Set top level


is there a way of way of setting the top level of a colom to a set level?

I have tried to work with set element parameter by i get an error that i try to set a cointainer value not a string… And is doesn’t seem to be an option to make a container…




Could you try to get the custom node “Elements From & To IDs” from the package manager and try something like this:


@dimitar venkov,

Works, virtual beer for you!


QQ??20140704075102 hi, dynamo 0.7 have not “elements to ids” node ? replace it?

Hi Maya,

In the latest version of DSDynamo, you don’t need the “Elements to IDs” node any longer. It pulls the ID of an instance automatically when an ID input is required.


<div id=“gt-res-content”>
<div dir=“ltr”>Dynamo 0.7 really big changes!</div>