Set System Type to No Pipe Items


I have several items in Storm Drain and Sanitary systems those are not pipes, i.e. they are Chambers, Covers, etc.

For BOQ I need to assign the System Type to each element, Attached Screen and program.

On the last Node Setparameter, it fails showing error “Parameter’s Storage type is not String”

I cant understand this error, Please help resolve this.

-SamirSet System Type.dyn (9.1 KB)

Hi @samirdesh100
Try change the input into “Value” of “Element.SetParameterByname” node from “System type name” to “System type”.

WOW!!! PARIS, you solved my problem, it worked, Appreciated.

My another finding is I cannot assign System Type to Pipe Accessories, which is right, they will absorb the system type from connected elements, some of my chambers were in Pipe accessories, I changed them to Plumbing Fixtures and it worked.


Hi @samirdesh100
you are welcome, if your problem has been solved, can you mark the post as solved?
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