Set phase filter?

Does anyone know of a node that allows you to set the Phase Filter of a view? If so, what package does it come from?
I’m trying to change the phase filters of all of my views at the same time to a particular phase filter used by our company. Since there’s 700+ views in our template, I definitely don’t want to do this manually.

There’s nothing special about Phase Filter. You can set it using SetParameterByName. It does take the PhaseFilter element though. You can get those from Element Types.

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Sounds good
I tried doing the SetParameterByName and I’m coming up with a couple errors

Sorry for the mess of nodes, I tried a couple options. The first error I get is “Parameter’s storage type is not a string”. So I tried just imputing them directly from other nodes and it errors out says it expected Revit.Elements.Element,string,var and is getting string.string.string.
Ideas from here?

Like I said, you need to be providing the PhaseFilter element, not a string. The error says you’re providing all strings, but the image shows you supplying the view element, so I think you’re good there. You just need to get the correct PhaseFilter from your project.

Got it, that worked! Thanks so much!