Change Phase Created Value

Dynamo newbie. I some nested, nested curtain walls that didn’t want to play nice with Adjusting to their new Phase Create setting by their host.

I tried to change it within a schedule, but Revit told me it can’t change a read only parameter.

So I thought, hey Dynamo should be able to help with that.

Is it possible to Change the Phase Create Value of an element?

Thanks in advance.





Use List.Firstitem to get the phase you want to change to.



Hi Tim,

I tried that. I get an error from the Elemenet.SetParameterByName node that says

"The parameter’s storage type is not a string.
Element.SetParameterByName operation failed. "


Hi David,

It works for me. Are you sure your are entering the phase element into the value and not the string.


David 2

I will try again later today.

I can’t change it in the properties box inside of revit because it’s a nested, nested curtainwall objects (mullions and panels).

I figured I’d try to use Dynamo for that. It would appear that this may not be possible. I know that it’s a known issue.

Being that the error I see says, it can’t write to a read only parameter, not sure it’ll work.


I came across this problem too, for some reason it doesn’t want to take the value of “setparameterbyname” to be string. What worked me is that the phase should be an “element”. See uploaded photo.

(I know the post is 7 yo already, I just want to reply)