Set parameters after duplicating family types

So here’s what I’ve got so far… What I’m struggling with (and maybe it’s because I’ve been staring at it for too long) is setting a few parameters after duplicating/renaming a new type. What incredibly obvious step am I missing?

Hi @Matt_W, You are trying to set the Parameter “d” to “1.5”.

is it a text parameter?

Yes and ‘d’ is a dimension - so 1.5" in this case.

If its a dimension you should just enter 1.5 i think. like this:
image (without the length =)

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Okay, cool. That works and totally makes sense (and it probably the one thing I didn’t try :confused:). The next related issue I have is with this list. I assume I need to convert it to a length/number that can be read by that parameter?? Is that why it’s failing?

Or is it trying to push the entire list into the parameter??

Try converting the strings from excel to numbers

After the node you have circled red

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Perfect!! I knew it had to be something stupid/simple. I then had to divide by 12 to get it into inches. Thanks for your help!!