Extracting Level Elevation

Hi Everyone!
Probably really simple, but I am attempting to extract a level elevation and set a parameter value in one of my families to match this level elevation. I am able to get this to happen with the set of nodes in my snapshot, but if I change the selected level elevation, the parameter value does not update. I have to select a different level and then go back to the level I just changed the elevation on to make it work. Is there some way to enforce the parameter value to change if the level elevation has changed without my silly workaround?

That’s weird! Level elevation doesn’t update dynamically…:fearful: There has to be a way to listen for changes to the param…

I mean, I could use a select model elements and have dynamo extract the Elevation from there but this script already has a bunch of selection nodes the users need to work with before running the script. The more I can automate the better!

I’ve experienced similar issues with ACs. The solution that worked for me was to use a Transaction.End node. If you connect it to the output of your Level.Elevation node then connect that to the Element.SetParameterByName you can force the update


Great idea! I tried it though with no luck

That sounds like a bug. I’ve checked using Element.GetParameterByName and the same issue arises.

Can you report this on the Dynamo Revit GitHub:

Here’s a workaround that appears to work, downside is you’ll need to find a robust way of selecting the level you need rather than a dumb index in a codeblock. By the way, the problem node looks likely to be the Levels selection node given that this works:

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Okay I will submit a report on github. Thanks for the info!

I need to add a parameter to some elements with their Elevation according to their perticular level. It’s probably a very simple edit of the original script posted here, but I can’t wrap my noob head around it. Any tips?