Set Parameter Value By Name IN Document for Dynamo 2.3

Hi Everyone,
I’m trying to set structural columns parameters that found in a link, I’m using Genius Loci Package that set parameter by name in document but with no luck, could anyone let me know what is wrong with my graph
I’m Using Revit 2020 and Dynam 2.3

You have to Background Open the document, you cannot set Parameters or really make any changes to linked models directly.


Are you trying to set parameter in current document or linked document…

Hi @abdallahzakaria,

Here is an example. Don’t forget to save the results.

SetParameterByName in Document example.dyn (20.2 KB)


I’m trying to do it in linked document

Thanks a lot @Alban_de_Chasteigner, great,
I have also another issue with linked model which is creating project parameters in the linked model, I have searched a lot about any node that can do that but with no luck, I’m already trying to edit on archilab custom node of add shared parameters to project to make it valid for document but also with no luck, could you please help me with that, your help will be appreciated hereunder is the link to my post