Set Parameter to another Parameter?


Is it possible through dynamo to set a parameter to another parameter? While Set Parameter by name is really valuable to set a value, if you want to change a value multiple times, you need dynamo installed.

In the family editor you can link a parameter in a nested family to a parameter in the host family. Change it once or twice (or …) and it updates everywhere. It would be nice in Dynamo to iterate through a series of families and assign their values to one parameter. I’ve attached a cartoon below:


Hi Ray,

To clarify, do you want multiple families to have 1 of their parameters changeable all at once with one node?


For example, in the image below, I have multiple beams having their “Cross-Section Rotation” adjusted to “0”.



Multiple families or a single family is fine. This would just be used through list management (ideally). In your example the value is being set once. In the image below that would be setting the FeatureWidth parameter to 4" in the properties. And if you want to change the value again to 5" you’d run Dynamo again. I’d like to actually set the radio button(circled) with Dynamo, which gives a list of parameters in the family. This would allow a power user to build a family that is controlled more typically with super parameters, but have the full power of Dynamo to set up logics.


Maybe I should have titled this Creating Family Parameter Links through Dynamo,topicNumber=d0e33782

To my knowledge, this is not possible via the Revit API - hence neither in Dynamo.

Thanks, Andreas. This was my gut feeling.

May be this is a Wish for the API forum first…