Set Parameter of mass floors

The goal is to do some simple math between floor masses with the same parameter.
First I am taking the floors mass and filtering them by its name.
than reading the floor area of each and feed a project parameter I created to get in to a Schedule.
I thought it was correct but errors are raising.setParameterbyname.
Any help. Those parameters are both areas mq.

I am getting crazy. I filtered correct that list
of mass floor but the parameter value are not correct.
It looks like if it is reading just the same element over and over instead
of reading all the values.

I am attaching also the script just in case.
And this is for just a nice layout in Excel…MassFloorCalculation1.dyn (39.0 KB)

I solved thus to avoid somebody else to spend some time I publish the error I was doing. After calling all the elements I insert the node create a list and this made things flow through the definition.MassFloorCalculation2.dyn (50.6 KB)