Mass floor count

I’m trying to find out how many units (3-roms) I have in a project. I have created a project parameter, called “3-Roms” and placed it on massfloors. But the thing is that it appears on every level in the project. While my mass only stretches 7 floors, my parameter appears on all 15 in the project. When I look at the “Floor perimeter” parameter I see in the list that I have a null value which I can filter out.

Is there a way to get the “3-Roms” parameter to show on only the 7 floor that exsist whitin the mass?

Thank you in advance!

if i understand your solution by filter the 3-roms value by floor perimeter values.

the conditional code block make it like this

like this you will have a boolean list , use it as a mask in List.FilterByBoolMask, and the list should be the Elements

Hello and thank you for your answer! I’ll appriciate it very much!

My problem is that I get 15 “true” values when I filter out “3-Roms”, I only want 9.

When I do the same thing for “Floor Perimeter” I automatically only get 9 results since there is only 9 mass floors in the project. This is what I like to happen with “3-Roms”. Maybe this explains it? Or I just don’t understand what you mean?


this concept could help you ?

Yes, that worked! thank you!

Another way i found was doing it kind of backwards. What I did was getparam for “3-Roms”, then getparam for “Floor Perimeter”. That way I got the count for how many 3-Roms there is since I know that “Floor Perimeter” only exists on mass floor within the mass and not on floors “Outside” the mass. Don’t know if that made any sense?