Copy parameters values

Hello community,
I am trying to copy parameters values from a mass to mass floors.
The number of elements on the first list, that I am copying the values from is the same as the number of sublists on the copy to list.
Mass to mass floors, not sure why but the values do not get copyed, any one knows why, graph attached.
Many thanks in advance…

If you’re wanting to apply paramValue1 to elementSublist1 and paramValue2 to elementSublist2 then you’ll need to you List Levels.

Like you said,

Input elements != input sublists. Dynamo is expecting the same number of items in each input (unless you tell it otherwise).

Hello Nick,
Many thanks, can you please explain that a bit and tell me how on this other similar situat

ion the graph works.
Copy list 6 indexes to list n elemens and works perfectly…
I dont get it…

Sorry, I didn’t realize you were using longest lacing. Are any of the values being copied?

This looks like a bug of the set parameter by name node, now surprisingly the values are copied, but the first index in the first list is copied into the second sublist and the second index in the first list is copied on the second sublist!!!
I am gettin maaad…
By the way I applied the levels and exactly retrieved the same behabiour…the order is altered!!!

Same result!!!

I have uninstall dynamo and install it back and now it works perfectly!!!
it is not the firs time that this happen to me, it is still not stable???